About Us

About Us

Two Gals Pet Pals is a professional pet sitting company based on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

Whether your pet needs exercise during your workday or care during your vacation, Two Gals provide the attention and love your pets need.

Kellie is one of the Gals. She graduated from Michigan State and has held various jobs in sales and administration. Married with three kids, she is also a life-long pet lover. Siamese, poodle, calico, Norwegian Elkhound, Australian Shepherd, Tonkinese, she’s seen and loved them all! She’ll bring that lifetime of pet experience along on every visit to your pet!

Alyssa is the other Gal, as well as one of Kellie’s kids. She graduated from the University of Southern Indiana, and is applying her entrepreneurial skills to the world of pet services. Babycakes, Einstein, Pounce, and her beloved Oreo have been her constant companions, and she is ready to apply that love and caring to her time with your pet!

We’ll keep your pets safe, happy and stress-free in their own home!

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